My new blog…

Welcome to my new blog…

In much the same vain as Alcoholics Anonymous, I must confess: Hi, my name is Rob Reed, and I am a hackerholic.

You see, for years, I have been fantatically obsessed fascinated with the internet and its workings. My fanatical obsession fascination has been such that I just could not USE an existing website on the internet that performs a function (like blogging) just fine, thank you very much.

No, I had to design a system myself. A system that wouldn’t have all the great bells and whistles and assorted goodies. But, it was mine… built from the ground up.

This included my previous blogs.

Well, no more. I am now going corporate. I am a wordpress blogger!

I plan to blog about any and everything in my life here which will likely be: my family, my theology, my interest in baseball, my interest in fantasy baseball, my interest in tacos, my interest in baseball cards, my interest in politics, and much more along these lines.

And, as I suspect my Pastor and other Christian brothers and sisters from my church are likely to read this, you will definitely get me on my best behavior!

What more could you ask?

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