Considering advertisement-based model for

Now, I know that past users of PLAYERtrack who think that it is useful will be very happy that I am considering the option of providing the fantasy baseball statistics service for FREE.

The fact is that PLAYERtrack enjoyed its most successful year last year, but – still – under the “pay to play” model, the discussion boards remained lifeless, and it did not generate a substantial amount of money over my investment.

I understand that a part of the “lifelessness” of the discussion boards was my inconsistency in posting up information (especially related to baseball burnout, which hit me a little earlier last year than usual because I was in way too many fantasy leagues).

So, I need to change this.

But, I’m beginning to think that a “free” model will generate more discussion board activity, which should generate more users, which should generate more interest in advertising.

So, I’m putting this out there. I would appreciate any input on the matter, pro and con, based on your personal experience with your websites, or your personal experience in online marketing.

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