Alesis Multimix8FX, Reason, and Windows 7

multimix8usbfxTOPNow for a bit of a “technical” break.

Thanks to the awesome little league team that I coached and some amazingly generous in-laws, I was able to purchase an Alesis Multimix8FX mixer at Guitar Center for my home recording. I unwrapped it, replaced my M-Audio Mobile Pre, and wanted to do an immediate test recording… only Reason 6 would not identify the device.

I did the logical thing. Search google for “Does Alesis Multimix8FX work with Reason?” There was sparse information, but ultimately I found the advice that worked, and it is a simple download.

1) Follow the instructions in the manual that comes with the Alesis mixer with the sound properties, etc.
2) Download and install the ASIO driver at
3) Reboot

reason0When I first did this, I loaded up Reason and was immediately frustrated because – again – Reason told me to check my sound card. Reason could not find any mono/stereo inputs for me to record into. However, about 15 seconds later, a window appeared from the bottom right corner of the screen indicating that the ASIO4ALL had a little driver icon in my taskbar. I clicked that and I saw that the USB Codec was NOT selected within the driver. I selected that, ran Reason, and THIS came up on the bottom of my Windows 7 screen:


Once you see that pop up (as you are loading up Reason), you are cooking with gas. I hope this helps someone fix the problem in record time. Have fun!

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