Sad day, again, for the Constitution

Looks like Prop 8 wins, and gay marriage (for the time being) is back to being illegal in California. This issue will most certainly be taken up by the U.S. Supreme Court. It will be interesting to see whether that court follows the law, or their emotional reactions to gay marriage.

I wasn’t going to post any more on this issue, but I just read an article online that contains this quote:

Gay rights activists have cast their campaign to defeat Prop 8 as a civil rights battle, making comparisons to the fight for racial equality. Conservatives have said it is not a matter of equal rights, since gays and lesbians could still have domestic partnerships.

Isn’t this like arguing for segregation by saying that it isn’t a matter of equal rights, since blacks could still drink from “colored” water fountains and go to the bathroom in “colored” bathrooms?

Liberals get the bad rap of couching language into something that feels more comfortable. If a domestic partnership is the same as a marriage, technically, than why do we need the name change?

To single out a particular group of citizens… and, there you have it. Stamp it unconstitutional.

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