The simplest infant adoption reform…

It is no secret that the infant adoption system that acts a lot like one big baby supermarket is in need of some major reform. An article I read today here proposes the simplest of reforms that could (and should) be immediately made mandatory.

I am sure that some adoption agencies make clear to prospective adoptive parents that a “match [between adoptive parents and a mother considering adoption] is just a possibility.” And, I am sure that some adoption agencies make clear to mothers considering relinquishing their child that inaction on the part of prospective adoptive parents (in not preparing a nursery, or failing to call the child “theirs”) has absolutely nothing to do with the prospective adoptive parents being committed to the child.

The problem is that I fear that most (our agency included) do not do this very simple thing that will keep various, negative emotions (like feelings of entitlement, feelings of anger, feelings of guilt, feelings of being cornered/forced to relinquish, among others) in check.

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