I may have to turn in my “Liberal card” soon…

I may have to turn in my “Liberal card” soon…

I consider myself a moderate, politically, but siding more on the liberal side than the conservative. But, the more I get into discussions with ultra-liberal folks, the more I start feeling like an idiot.

A brief Facebook discussion ensued this evening on the issue of Florida requiring drug tests of welfare recipients.

To me, this sounds like a great idea. Who wants their money to fund a drug habit?

That’s the essential point I made, which merited this response:

People on drugs will find another way to get their fix Rob, including perhaps mugging you or someone you know to get their next score. Besides, I know that if I was on welfare I’d be looking for some sort of mental escape.

So, the standard that we should set when determining how much we pay in taxes and where the money goes should be the probability of getting mugged?


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