You choose the album cover!

Thanks to my personal, professional photographer (i.e., my wife), we have a good number of photos for my upcoming worship CD, “The Start Of A New Life.” I’m not sure which one will work for the cover, so I’m opening it up to you to help me decide.

Vote once, and post your reason why you chose that picture in the comments section on this post. When you post your comment, you will be entering your email address (this will not be published). For voting, you will receive a free, mp3 single from the album via email by October 12, 2012.

Deadline: September 10, 2012

I would greatly appreciate it if you would help me spread the word in order to get more votes and more buzz going!


12 thoughts on “You choose the album cover!

  1. I like the last one because it appears to represent the message you are sending with your music–God’s glorious world–and you are the messenger, not the focus.

  2. I chose the 4th one down. From the moment I saw it, I saw you through and through with the love you feel for God and family! I do like the cover one you have, but the light in the background distracts. I like the front post because not only what I previously said, but you have worked so long and hard why not be shown as it shows your outer and inner being in my opinion! Love, Mom

  3. I chose the next to last one. I like the introspective feel to it and the glint of sun coming through is mindful of that light shining in a dark place.

    Overall I like the balance of the photograph and the pensive mood it instills. Also I feel it has a rather painterly quality too it.
    Pastor George recently posted..The Final Signs

  4. Let me just say whatever picture you pick it will be good. My favorite one is the color one with you holding the guitar with the plant on the neck of the quitar. I liked the plant symbolizing new life and also the cross in the picture. It is creative without being way out there. When I saw this picture it brought a smile to my face. Good luck

  5. I chose the picture with you holding the guitar, because it reminded me of album covers in the past..I’m really old. I like the focus on you.

  6. My vote goes to the last image and here’s why. The sunrise is the promise and start of a new day, and in this case, a “New Life”. The Son rose and so off we go into our new life. (by the way, would that be a sunset being you live on the left coast?)

  7. I voted for the 3rd one. Why? While you are bit of a mug, the growing plant on the guitar adds distinguishing interest: What’s that? Is there a story? And so on .. so yeah, number 3.

  8. I love the photograph of you with the greenery coming out of the guitar. To me this symbolizes your new birth through your music. As a new Christian, you can spread the gospel through your talent that Jesus empowered with, to a wide audience. I’m very pleased to see the great photographs that Marie has taken for this special cover. To God be the glory! Blessings, Lida

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