Nashville, SongCheck Live

If nothing develops from this trip in terms of a music career, Kevin and I have written a new song for church... one of the lessons I have learned is to write a simpler style of worship for the congregation. This is what resulted last night following the conference: All…

In Nashville

Kevin Lienhard and I have arrived in Nashville, and we are excited because we are attending the Song Discovery in the Round. We will both be meeting other worship leaders and songwriters and people in the Christian music industry. Say a prayer or two for us! :) [youtube=]

Worship music gone wrong

YouTube Christian Collab II Update: We have raised $210.95 for as of this update. Won't you join us? With worship music, I can deal with bad singing. I can deal with bad playing. I can deal with bad arrangements. I can deal with bad choices in music. "Make a…
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