“Lyrics Of My Heart” is released!

You can download the entirety of my new worship album “Lyrics Of My Heart” for FREE at NoiseTrade.com. You only need to provide an email address, zip code, and post it on one of your social networking pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Thanks for all of your support, and particularly, thanks to my family (extra special kisses to Marie and A.J. for the substantial patience they have shown through the course of getting this project done), Lance Fooks and his family, and my church family at LIFEhouse.

Now, go download it, and tell me what you think! You can click on the album graphic on the right to hear all of the full-length samples, too..

The album artwork is not final, nor are the final mixes necessarily (although I think we’re extremely close if not there already). If you have any suggestions in this regard, let me know that, too!

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He is Risen!

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