Only one person you can always absolutely trust…

I was alerted to a new twitter follower this afternoon (@OmegaFaith) and I was led to his blog.

On his blog, he had a great quote, and I’m compelled to share:

“One of the commonest causes of failure in Christian life is found in the attempt to follow some good man or woman whom we greatly admire. No man and no woman, no matter how good, can be safely followed. If we follow any man or woman, we are bound to go astray. There has been but one absolutely perfect Man on this earth—the Man Christ Jesus. If we try to follow any other man we are surer to imitate his faults than his excellencies. Look to Jesus and Jesus only as your Guide.” (R. A. Torrey)

In my experiences on the internet, I have seen far too many Christians get so enamored with individuals that they lose all sense of discernment when it comes to that individual.

As a result, when that admired individual falls off their lofty perch (an inevitable truth, as we are all failures – especially when we are so prideful that we got up on that perch in the first place), these Christians – sadly – see damage done to their faith life.

There is only one sure bet.

Trust Jesus.

See, also, a post I wrote two and a half years ago: Finding Faith On The Solid Ground That Only Comes From God, about a Pastor who wrote an incredible inspirational worship song claiming it was inspired by his terminal cancer – a terminal cancer that he never had.

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