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Gross misunderstandings of Scripture can make you queasy

Gross misunderstandings of Scripture can make you queasy

When James exhorts us to not be friends with the world (“You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God?”, James 4:4), is he telling us that we should not be friends with those in the world who do not know Jesus?

It amazes me how some Christians can be so clear that when James tells us “faith without works is dead,” they don’t stray from the correct biblical principle that we are not saved by our deeds but by faith alone.

In May, 2005, Rob was a secular, Jewish, thirty-something, Los Angeles, personal injury attorney whose idea of getting up early on a Sunday was getting up for the third quarter of the first televised, NFL games.

Thirsting on the idea of playing in a band for the first time in a decade, Rob finally accepted his neighbor's request to get up at seven-in-the-morning on Sundays in order to participate.

Eleven months later, his world was turned upside down by Jesus. Instantly, he began leading songs on the worship team and was the worship leader from 2010-2022.

God is cool like that.


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