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The John McCain campaign strategy in the last week…

The John McCain campaign strategy in the last week…

It’s called throw everything and the kitchen sink up on to the ceiling and see if anything sticks. Anybody have any idea who this McCain spokesman, Mike Goldfarb, is referring to? Is #2 any relation to “that one?”

In May, 2005, Rob was a secular, Jewish, thirty-something, Los Angeles, personal injury attorney whose idea of getting up early on a Sunday was getting up for the third quarter of the first televised, NFL games.

Thirsting on the idea of playing in a band for the first time in a decade, Rob finally accepted his neighbor's request to get up at seven-in-the-morning on Sundays in order to participate.

Eleven months later, his world was turned upside down by Jesus. Instantly, he began leading songs on the worship team and, today, he now leads that same LIFEhouse worship team in which he was initially invited to join as a non-believer.

God is cool like that.