It takes just one to spoil the bunch

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I was riding on the Los Angeles subway this afternoon, from North Hollywood to the L.A. courthouse, and some bickering started among two passengers behind me.

I believe that the bickering had something to do with a guy taking up too much of a second seat. The guy who was hogging the seat was offended, it seems, so he started threatening the other man.

At this, the other man who wanted the seat sarcastically shouted out “I love L.A.”

Here, we had the actions of a single Angeleno inspiring in this non-Angeleno the idea that all Los Angelenos are jerks.

Immediately, what came to mind was the small number of Christians on YouTube who create blatant animosity among non-believers as almost a badge of courage. And, like the guy on the train, that non-believer walks away thinking that all Christians are jerks.

It takes just one to spoil the bunch.

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In May, 2005, Rob was a secular, Jewish, thirty-something, Los Angeles, personal injury attorney whose idea of getting up early on a Sunday was getting up for the third quarter of the first televised, NFL games.

Thirsting on the idea of playing in a band for the first time in a decade, Rob finally accepted his neighbor's request to get up at seven-in-the-morning on Sundays in order to participate.

Eleven months later, his world was turned upside down by Jesus. Instantly, he began leading songs on the worship team and was the worship leader from 2010-2022.

Rob is now the worship leader at Calvary Chapel Malibu. He released his fifth album “The Author of My Story” on December 15, 2023, available on all of your favorite streaming platforms… and he is preparing to launch a new Christian teaching podcast called “Christ Supremacist.”


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