Cover to Cover Project #3: Thoughts on Genesis 5-16

Assignment: Genesis 17-20
Goal: by next Saturday, July 25, 2010

Short reading for the coming week so that we can all get caught up, and I am going to try and get an email list together for an additional method of announcements (I’ll use the email addresses you used when you posted “I’m in” here). If you want to be removed from that email list, let me know.

My notes:

1) Lamech purpose — father of Noah — continuation of the line of humanity through Noah? that is his importanceof not being harmed (TOOK THIS OUT – it is inaccurate – apparently, the Lamechs are both different)

2) who were the sons of God and nephilim? great link here (gen 6:1-3)

short conclusion is that they are not angelic beings, but men

3) Noah is a “righteous man, blameless among the people of the time” – yet, we know he was embibed in alcohol to the point of extreme drunkenness

-what do you think about that?

4) God was intent on destroying all living creatures… floods were mericiful in the sense that it was a quick wipeout… but what about the living creatures of the deep? They live in water… he only solution would have been to drought the earth..but this would be slow and painful.

did God kill the fish?

5) Kosher rules – no shellfish… no meat from the hoofed animals that chew the cud (no pig) — yet, Gen 9:3 says “everything that lives and moves will be food for you”

but no blood – gravy?

what gives?

6) The curse of Ham — I find this amazingly interesting because Ham was the father of Canaan, and Noah curses Canaan for all time, yet this is the land that God promises Abraham where his descendants will multiply… this place of Noah’s curses is a huge blessing to Abraham and his decendants (us) — interesting dichotomy — Noah’s curse means nothing.

“To your offspring, I will give this land” the Lord to Abram

7) Genesis 10 is a nice family history and I wrote about this in a blog entry about how boring these kind of parts are to me… except how they go to the veracity of the truthfulness of the history

– why make up these names? to make it appear more truthful? or did these people exist?

8 ) God the author of confusion? Tower of Babel

great link here:

Gen 9:1 is Gods commandment to Noah to be fruitful and particularly to “fill the earth” – the tower had the people grouping in one place and not adhering the command… so God made it so that there was compliance

9) Gen 12: when Abram lies and says Sarai is his sister, there is no mention as to how the Pharoah found out that the serious diseases inflicted upon him were because of Abram’s lie… and why didn’t the Pharoah order Abram killed?

10) Greed starts to separate Abram and Lot but Abram is the high road guy… recommends that they separate, and Lot gets the “premium” lot, if you will… that turns out to not be so premium later… Abram chooses Cannan.

11) Abram believes the Lord when He says that he shall have children, and this is credited to him as righteousness… apparently short lived, because he and his wife then decide to take matters into their own hands… and things get complicated.

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  1. Nick D Nick D
    July 25, 2010    

    Genesis 17 The Covenant of Circumcision
    Ah…to be painfully set apart! I’m thinking that the significance of this sacred covenant between God and Abraham is being likened to someone wearing a large outside the shirt gold cross that says “see how holy I am”, only a bit more concealed. Missing the point entirely.

  2. Nick D Nick D
    July 25, 2010    

    Plunging toward Sodom and Gomorrah, I sometimes wonder why God hasn’t lowered the boom on the us yet. I recon there are still righteous (or as close to righteous as possible) people and some if not a whole lot of good going on out there. Will there be any righteous when He returns?

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