Our sinful nature…

Last night, I read the news that Cincinnati Red pitcher, Mike Leake, was caught shoplifting a few t-shirts (total value = $60).

The 23-year old kid makes over $400,000 a year.

It just goes to show that we cannot get passed our sinful nature, even when it makes no sense.

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  1. Carol Nelson Carol Nelson
    April 20, 2011    

    Robbie, It’s more that a sinful nature. He probably has a background of neglect, needing attention or nurturing. When we severly neglect our children, we damage their ability to function normally in society. He probably didn’t have boundarys or limits taught to him and he is still testing boundarys seeking the attention he believes he didn’t get enough of. It’s not necessarily a conscious thing, Freud called it a Reaction Formation or a Defense Mechanism. I’m not saying it’s not his fault…he’s an adult now and is responsable for his actions. But he could benifit from treatment and education.

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