Behind the music: Zechariah’s Song

A short time ago, I posted a blog entry on this new song that I called “Rising Son.”

It had a catchy “bridge” that went, lyrically:

He forgives our sin…
The tender mercy, tender mercy of God.

I really like this simple, musical interlude. Lance Fooks liked the refrain, also… except…

“That’s not a bridge,” he said. “That’s a chorus.”

“Oh, really?” I answered. I knew he was right… but how to configure the song to switch it all around? We spent the majority of the first night doing just that, and the beginning of the next day in the studio changing the ending, so that the song closes with this chorus.

The result? A very powerful worship song that gives a simple message: the Rising Son will come from heaven, to shine on those in darkness, and in the shadow of our deaths, he’ll guide our feet towards peace. A Savior for all has come and will come again.

I can’t wait for you to hear it.

By the way, the song is no longer called “Rising Son.” It is called “Tender Mercy,” and I suspect this will also be the title of the album.

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