Nashville, SongCheck Live

If nothing develops from this trip in terms of a music career, Kevin and I have written a new song for church… one of the lessons I have learned is to write a simpler style of worship for the congregation.

This is what resulted last night following the conference:

All That We Need
Reed/Lienhard (sorry kev, age before beauty)

Crushed by the world
We live in fear
Lost and broken
Blinded by tears

Broken souls from the fall
Pick up the pieces
We can’t do it all (by ourselves)

You’re all that we need
You’re all that we need
We look to the sky to get a glimpse of you
Our Jesus
We give our lives to you

Come Lord Jesus, Come
Come Lord Jesus, Come
Father Spirit Son
Come Lord Jesus, Come

It’s a very easy A shape chord to F shape chord to a D2, capo 2, with the chorus in a C-F shape, and the bridge as C2-Em7-Am-C2 chord progression, and we’re hoping the congregation will love singing it out.

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