Cover to Cover #2: Thoughts on Genesis 1-4 and Next Assignment is Genesis 5-16

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Assignment #2: Read Genesis 5-16
Goal: Read by Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summary of my thoughts and questions:

(1) In the beginning coincides with science.

(2) Let there be light = quantum mechanics?

(3) Evolution incompatible with the Bible?

(4) The Sabbath Day… why don’t we keep the Sabbath day holy?

(5) Genesis 2, why different than Genesis 1?

(6) How cool is it that the Tigris and Euphrates still exist?

(7) Where is Eden? Is it still guarded?

(8) Genesis 1-4 is a great display of God’s patience with us, and wishes for us to confess our sin without His forcible coercion.

(9) What is the purpose of Lamech’s speech to his wives?

(10) Did God create others outside of Adam and Eve from the dust (and what I didn’t say in the video — does this affect the concept of Original Sin?)


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  1. saundra saundra
    July 11, 2010    

    Thank you Rob for giving us thoughts to ponder. Other people from the dust, I just am not sure. I hate to think the Eve was incestuous, this would lie within the bounds of change. Ok then for a while, then a sin to be incestuos. ??? The “Big Bang theory” or Darwin’s evolution thoughts and studies??? In the beginning and there was light I can easily accept.

    • robreedesq robreedesq
      July 11, 2010    

      Thanks, Mom. 🙂 God created time, so He exists outside of it. I do not believe it out of the realm of possibility that a snap of God’s fingers in creation could have appeared just like evolution within the construct of time.

      What an efficient system to create many species.

      So, I don’t think Darwin’s theories contradict the Bible.

      The Big Bang Theory postulates that a speck of infinite density (yup, hard to fathom) just “popped,” if you will… the universe continues to expand, so it is hypothesized that there needed to be quite a push to cause that expansion.

      And, consider that the biggest star we know of in the universe has a radius 2100 times the size of our Sun… that must have been one pretty dense speck.

      The point is that the Big Bang points to the “beginning” that the Bible begins with.

  2. Antoniette Antoniette
    July 11, 2010    

    Rob, couldn’t view the video 🙁 computer crashed recently and am still in process of loading programs, apparently adobe flash player is one of them. I don’t know what you said, and your comments are short, so I am not sure what I missed and how it all applies, but from the above comments, I agree, it’s not out of the realm of possibilty. I don’t think the theories can be successfully married, though. Lots of info coming at us in just a few short chapters … wow! We could go into so many different tangents here, huh? Trusting God to expose Himself accurately through His Word. We haven’t even scratched the surface … I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring!

    • robreedesq robreedesq
      July 12, 2010    

      Mostly, I’m just rambling, so you didn’t miss much… just articulating my thoughts and seeing if it generates discussion or areas where I can learn. Have a blessed week, Ant!

  3. robreedesq robreedesq
    July 12, 2010    

    On the issue of a “contradiction” in Genesis 1 to Genesis 2 – this was a simply constructed argument… not sure I like this explanation completely, but it doesn’t seem completely off of the mark.

  4. Nick D Nick D
    July 16, 2010    

    Genesis 6:2-4
    I always wondered who the “sons of God” and/or the “Nephilium were. I posed the question on “Stump…aah i mean Ask the Pastor” last night on Stickam. Most likely they were fallen angels who found safe haven on Earth. They were free to run amok and viciously infect the already sinful man. With some of the diabolical and unthinkable evil on the planet today, I cant help but think that they are back to reek havoc knowing that their time is short. Just a thought…

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