Just venting out loud…

We live in a country where adultery is legal, abortion is legal, dishonoring your parents is legal, being an atheist is legal, divorce is legal, being a homosexual is legal, eating pork is legal, not honoring the sabbath is legal, using the Lord’s name in vain is legal, letting cattle graze with other kinds of cattle is legal, having a variety of crops in the same field is legal, wearing clothes of more than one fabric is legal, being a “psychic” is legal, and blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is legal… yet two people of the same sex who love each other and want to get married (outside of a church, of course) is the platform that we Christians want to hang our “loving” hats on to prove we honor God first?

Could it be because homosexuals are a minority and they are the easiest target (as in: that ain’t my sin!)? I think so.


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