On the media coverage of Jason Collins and his coming out

From a conversation with a mentor today, I’m thinking:

How much “prouder” of basketballer Jason Collins would we be if he saved a child from a raging fire?

I’m just not buying into someone announcing – at the twilight of his career – “I have a sexual attraction to men” as something to admire. Were Collins a freshly drafted rookie with something to risk… maybe.

But honestly ask yourself: is it more of a taboo in 2013 to proclaim to the world that you are homosexual or to proclaim your Christian beliefs regarding homosexuality?

Or how about this: Are his fellow basketballers (whether gay or straight) supposed to perfectly accept him being in the same showers with them after the game?

Before you answer, imagine the NBA being integrated by gender. Would it be a good idea for the men and women to shower together after the game? What if a woman felt uncomfortable with that? Would we call her a bigot?

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